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How to weight gain my baby his 7 months and 5 days old... His not thin and his not fat also.

If baby is on Breastfeeding then it's okay don't need to worry give vegetables n fruits puree n so.e soft meals too.

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7 months baby food chart plz tell me and how made dis ragi recipe n pumkin recip

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Mutton or chicken soup kab start karna chahiye

Baby k koto hours por por ki ki khate debo?

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What should we give solid food after six months to gain weight

Potato puree,pee puree,butter,banana,curd

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My baby is 7 months old what foods to give to get rid of constipation. My baby has constipation and very hard stools

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hi moms please suggest soups to relieve congestion in 6months baby

Give ajwain steam n small amount of jaggery kadaha

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Mera beta 1.6year ka h fir bhi Vo Baat nhi krta... Kya kru

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Mera baby 1.6 year ka h fir bhi Vo Baat nhi krta....kya kru...

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I have an 8 month old girl baby...she doesn't crawl till now... how to make her to crawl

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6 months baby ko pani dena chahiye kya aur kitna..

Hi agar baby breast feed or to birkul v nahi because pani chote bachchho me infection ka reason hota hai agar baby top feed or to baby water or hi raha h th Aap de sakte ho

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