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Hi I have a 7 month boy baby i tried everything food milk fruits but still hes underweight (7 kg) what can I do the best for his weight gain

No need of worrying about weight as long as your baby is active and healthy. However if you want to increase her weight, Try adding avocado, peas, pear, peach, dry fruits powder, ghee, oats, ragi, coconut oil, bananas, raw kerala bananas, potatoes, sweet potato etc to her diet. All these are weight gaining foods and feeding with these would give better http://results.My little moppet website can help you with different recipes with these ingredients. You can also add weight gaining health mixes for best results. My little Moppet products are really authentic and homemade with no preservatives or additives. Please have a look 😊 A list of weight gaining Health Mixes

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Hi mam my baby is 8 months old should I give him cow milk.

Its better to give bf only atleast for 1 yrs

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Hi moms, What toothpaste is best for a just-got-teeth baby ? Thanks in advance !

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Mere baby ko Abhi thode time almost 1 months ple massive reflux ka problem aya jisse use paste type food khane ko kha gya pr milk or usse related dairy product and egg product bnd kr diye gye,..... Me baby ko kya khila skti hu Abhi me use ceralact, dal ka pani paste type and wheat ka paste type bna kr khila ri hu..... plz suggest which type different foods use khila skte h jo ki ise growth and docelopment acha ho

Hi dear aapne baby ki age nahi mention Kari hai. Dal pani n cereals de rahe hai to to purees fruits ki veggies ki de sakte hai suzi ki khair piche ki kheer ye sab de dijiyega

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How to weight gain my baby his 7 months and 5 days old... His not thin and his not fat also.

If baby is on Breastfeeding then it's okay don't need to worry give vegetables n fruits puree n so.e soft meals too.

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7 months baby food chart plz tell me and how made dis ragi recipe n pumkin recip

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Mutton or chicken soup kab start karna chahiye

Baby k koto hours por por ki ki khate debo?

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What should we give solid food after six months to gain weight

Potato puree,pee puree,butter,banana,curd

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My baby is 7 months old what foods to give to get rid of constipation. My baby has constipation and very hard stools

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hi moms please suggest soups to relieve congestion in 6months baby

Give ajwain steam n small amount of jaggery kadaha

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