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What can i feed to my 6 moths old baby

Bf is best for 6 month baby but if u want u start other food u start with moong dal ka pani.

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Hi, am in my 34 th week of pregnancy, my dr said my baby is in head up position. Is there a chance my baby will turn nd be in head down position within these weeks. This is my second pregnancy. First pregnancy I had normal delivery.

not to worry, keep doing walk slowly baby can turn down wards even at last moment. Don't stress yourself.

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How will I know when water breaks or when am in labour.

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Can I use both the home made oil and branded oil for my kid?

Yes absolutely. As far as it suits your baby's skin it is fine.

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Hello, my wife is 8 months pregnant. Her doctor told us that baby is not growing properly because of uteraus. She said that uteraus is tight and baby is not getting nutritions properly. She suggested some tablets and protein powder and ARG 69 powder. Everything is normal , please advise

In this situation just don't panic and do whatever your doc says you to do.

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My baby is not able to pass motion... even if a day is missed she feels very restless

Hi! We have created a list of home remedies to curb constipation - Constipation, although often quite common in babies, can be stressful and needs to be treated. These home remedies have been tried and successfully tested with babies and will certainly help you! However, if the problem still persists, please consider consulting your doctor. Wishing you and your baby good health,!

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How to treat rashes on baby face and body

This blog may be helpful

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My 6 year old son says that his teacher hates him and doesn't like going to school while the teacher is an angel. How do i make my child understand?

Please talk ti his teacher first and understand why he is saying this. This is a serious matter as he will loose his confidence with this.

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My child vomits after eating dry fruits? Is he unable to digest them? Why? What should i do?

Dry fruits are very rich in energy, may your child is allergic to them.check with your doctor dear ☝?

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My child suffers from stuttering. Should i take him to a therapist?

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